The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It

This is not a diet book!

Entertaining stories let you discover nine different food demons that influence and tempt you with eating desires that have nothing to do with physical hunger. They exploit your weaknesses and entice you by justifying meal selections and quantities. These food demons are what drive you to justify what, when and how much you eat when your cravings have nothing to do with physical hunger.

There is more to weight loss and weight gain than calories in and calories out. Learn simple and easy strategies to change your eating self-talk, and let your body tell you what it actually needs.

The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It helps you:

  • Identify your food demon(s)
  • Determine your food demon drivers
  • Tame the demons
  • Allow your body, not your demons, determine food requirements
  • Recognize the triggers that cause you to fall prey to bad eating habits
  • Learn techniques to nourish your body and not your situational or emotional needs

Adopt the techniques in this book to tell the difference between your self-talk versus your body’s need for nourishment. Spend less time thinking about food so you can focus on living.