Tough to Maintain the goals

This is the post that I didn’t write for last week.  Obviously, I am late.  It has been a challenge with the recurring problem of having too many things on the go in a short period of time.

Recently, I experienced the ultimate food and will-power test. I failed. It has been an exceptionally busy, taxing and, at times, irritating week. Yesterday I hit the cherry on top of things to piss me off. I caved and went for one of my trigger calorie-rich comfort foods. I stopped on my way home and bought a small bag of cheese curds. If you have never had fresh cheese curds, in my opinion, they are a small slice of heaven. I ate the whole bag and I felt better…no guilt about eating the curds and feeling less out of sorts about life in general.  Regardless, it is not the healthy eating that I am trying to maintain and promote. On the upside I very seldom reach for food to change my mood so this is not a habit. The downside is that I am slightly heavier on the scale this morning.

Darn it all, it is only Thursday. Will this week never end?!!


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