Tough to Maintain the goals

This is the post that I didn’t write for last week.  Obviously, I am late.  It has been a challenge with the recurring problem of having too many things on the go in a short period of time.

Recently, I experienced the ultimate food and will-power test. I failed. It has been an exceptionally busy, taxing and, at times, irritating week. Yesterday I hit the cherry on top of things to piss me off. I caved and went for one of my trigger calorie-rich comfort foods. I stopped on my way home and bought a small bag of cheese curds. If you have never had fresh cheese curds, in my opinion, they are a small slice of heaven. I ate the whole bag and I felt better…no guilt about eating the curds and feeling less out of sorts about life in general.  Regardless, it is not the healthy eating that I am trying to maintain and promote. On the upside I very seldom reach for food to change my mood so this is not a habit. The downside is that I am slightly heavier on the scale this morning.

Darn it all, it is only Thursday. Will this week never end?!!


Time to Get Serious

I can hardly believe that it is time to “Spring forward”. It seems like it was only last week that I was setting the clocks back. That, and the fact that I am starting to hear the birds’ early morning signing tells me that Spring is just around the corner. That also tells me that I have to get more serious about food and exercise.

So far, I have been VERY slowly losing weight. Now it is time to get more focused with warmer weather on the way and skimpier outfits to be worn.

So, for my first post of March,  I am also going to point you to my web site for a terrific Pecan encrusted trout filet recipe. Be sure to click on the Free Edition tab to view the recipe.

Pecan-encrusted-troutWe enjoyed this for dinner a few nights ago and it was absolutely fantastic and ridiculously easy to make.  I served it with steamed broccoli and boiled potatoes that I pan-fried to get the golden colour.

With respect to my goals, technically speaking, I think I skipped one week of blogging. I have exercised once this week and I can’t really say that my weight has gone down as it has been on a roller coaster ride the whole time.  As I have said already…it is time to get more serious about my goals. Ultimately, I want to lose 10 lbs and so far progress has been very, very slow. February did see some movement. Let’s see how it goes this March.

Have you set some goals of your own? What are they? Are they realistic and achievable? Have you written them down?

There is nothing like writing goals down to make them more real. Please feel free to share.