Motivation, will-power, which is it?

It turns out that yesterday I did more than walk around the neighborhood – I got my bicycle out and rode!  It was a split decision but it really did feel good.

I had a tossed salad for lunch along with soy milk and plums. I did have a snack part-way through the afternoon but it was baked with limited calories.  Evening was still something light.

This morning, the weigh-in was 1Y7.4.  It is slowly creeping down but it isn’t at the 1X5.0 – that would be at least 10 lbs less.  So, motivation…it isn’t to lose weight before a big occasion or to impress everyone with my new look.  It is about wanting to take care of myself along with taking care of my family.  It has been said before that women have a tendency to put everyone else first to the detriment of their own health.  What happens when the women get sick?  I prefer to avoid sickness and possible problems down the road.  That’s my motivation.

Will-power – today I don’t have very much.  There are residual aches and pains from the week of exercising and I have to go to work an hour earlier than usual for the regular Thursday morning meeting.  The will-power is that tomorrow I will do something to keep my body moving!

I will need motivation and will-power to keep this up next week.  It is always easy to change habits for one week…not so easy to keep it up.  Let’s see if I keep it up.

What are your challenges to eating healthy and to exercising?



It gets worse before it gets better

The worse…

Yesterday morning I hit the dreaded 1_0.2 pounds.  I have deliberately omitted the middle digit for privacy reasons. Gaaah.  I didn’t want my weight to go up into that particular digit.  I was still pretty motivated to exercise. Yesterday morning I went down to the basement to do some low impact aerobics with the help of Wii Fit.  It is a charming little program that starts up with a body test. I have had this for a few years so it was kind enough to tell me that I hadn’t entered any data in 245 days.  Well, sure, it’s been really busy. Then it lovingly told me “You’re overweight”.”You didn’t meet your last target.” “Would you like to set another one?”

Fortunately, I faced that humiliation alone and went on to do a 20 minute workout.  I knew that I had a Yoga class as well so I didn’t want to overdo it.

As for what to eat, I showed some restraint.  I had the multi-grain cereal that I tend to have on most weekday mornings. Lunch was leftover from the night before pasta with tomato and spinach sauce, glass of soy milk and some fresh yellow plums. Dinner was fresh corn on the cob and a tossed salad.

I wanted a light dinner before going to yoga.

The better…

This morning’s weigh-in was much better.  I am back down one digit at 1_8.4 lbs.  However, this is still a little too heavy.  However, today I am feeling the various aches and pains from yesterday so I think it will be a walk around the neighborhood to ensure that I am still moving.

Cheers and I’ll write again soon.


Body Betrayal or Self-Delusion

Recently I started a full-time job and I have also been taking classes in order to get a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Education.  Between job and homework, there hasn’t been much time for anything else. In my mind I feel I am pretty healthy.  I try to be careful of what I eat and will indulge on occasion…or perhaps on more occasions than I think.  Is it just that I am getting old and the weight is harder to regulate or am I simply deluding myself and need to take control?
With summer comes the desire to eat great barbecued food and accompany it with refreshing beer or wine.  I am afraid that this last bit has been a little too enjoyable.  Over these last few months the weight has been creeping up.  Well, this morning, during my daily weigh in I was shocked at the number that I saw and took immediate action.  Enough of just THINKING about exercise and healthy eating.  Today I start DOING the exercise and tracking what I am eating.

My college course puts a heavy emphasis on writing a reflective journal.  I have decided to extend that idea and write a health journal.
Here is my first entry.

OMG! I weigh what?

Exercise Plan:

Exercise in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Yoga class on Tuesday nights, early morning meeting on Thursday morning.   Saturday I have class. Sunday early morning bike ride. Doing exercise first thing gets it done and prepares me for the rest of the day.

Food Plan:

Start by writing what it is that I eat and make appropriate changes.

TODAY, Monday, July 23, 2012

The exercise this morning was a combination walking and jogging.  I start by walking to start, jog until my ankles are burning (it is a stunningly short distance), walk again, then jog…you get the picture.  After a bit I realized that I could use the distance between light standards for when to jog and when to walk so that it evenly distributes the exercise. I think I did more walking than jogging but at least I was out for 20 minutes.


Whole grain cereal mixed with almonds, dried dates, dried cranberries and almond milk.

Well, I don’t yet know what I’ll make to bring for lunch.  I’ll write the rest of today’s health diary later.


I hope that this inspires others to start their own health diaries.


What’s stopping you from experiencing life to its fullest?

I have just read this article from a photography site and found that it can apply to anyone and not just to inspire folks with a photography business.  They are inspirational quotes and I think that they each have a grain of truth to them. 

If you simply read each of the 10 quotes and then move along, then you have missed the point of the “list”.  However, if you take one quote and use it one day, then another quote on the next day and so on, it gives a whole new meaning to putting words into action and to motivation.

Today, I am trying No. 9.

Do Your Best All The Time

“I try more and more to be myself, caring relatively little whether people approve or disapprove.”

I read somewhere once that all of your relationships throughout life are based on seasons. Some will be with you for life. Yet most will come in and out of your life like the seasons, being there for when you need them the most. You can not worry about what each person in your life thinks. You can only move forward in the best way you can, accepting the love and fulfillment of everyone surrounding you today.

So, what will you try today?