Does Time Always Fly By Or Is It All An Illusion?

Lately I have been asking myself – where does the time go?  I gave this some reflection and, as I am sure you have also realized, time flies by when your day is so chock full of activities you have barely got time to think.

This is the situation that I find myself in and it won’t let up for at least 2 weeks.  This week is filled with graduation, prom to prepare for, guest to entertain, trips to take, family to touch base with, school…oh, did I forget work in all of this?  The list goes on and, as you can imagine, time flies by. 

Time itself does not change its pace.  It is constant and consistent. When you are very busy it goes by in a flash – when you slow down the pace it gives you a chance to truly appreciate the good things in life.

I’m looking forward to two weeks from now when the pace slows down and I can appreciate the good things in my life.




Motivation – What does it mean to you?

I have gotten involved in a project spearheaded by Eric Wang at  The goal of the project is to find a really useful and successful way to help people to make changes that they will adopt in their lives so that they can adopt healthier lifestyles.

During our last group conversation the topic of motivation came up.  The “Type A” personalities know what motivates them and pursue their goals full-trottle.  However, for those who are not “Type A” people, what starts them up and keeps them going?

So, here’s the question – Motivation, what does it mean to you?

Have a great day and I hope you find something that motivates you on your way to healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle.


Establishing a Routine and Presenting a New Dessert

It has been a crazy few weeks.  Since I started a new job in early May the time has flown by and everyday was as busy as the last.  The challenge is establishing a new routine.  As much as we may say that we don’t like routine…we really do.  It may not necessarily be in our work where we want routine but rather in the daily rituals or getting up, eating, showering in a specific order, leaving for work at the same time and so on.  It is a way to anchor ourselves and to ensure that nothing is missed in the whirlwind of daily life.

My challenge at the moment is establishing a new routine that incorporates work, school, and my commitment to Eating Evolution.  I fear that I have neglected this last for a little longer than I would like. The good news is that I am coming back with a bang! 

It is strawberry season and what better way to celebrate than with a truly outstanding dessert! It is decadent in flavour but not so for calories, fat and sugar. It was absolutely devoured when served at a birthday party I attended on Saturday night.