Forced Fast and the Desire to Eat

It is early morning, I’m getting ready for work and really want to have some breakfast.  Unfortunately, breakfast will have to wait.  I am getting at that age where menopause is rearing its inevitable head and as part of the yearly check-up, blood work is requested and one must fast for at least 12 hours prior to the appointment. I am used to having breakfast everyday so a delay is hard when I know I have to wait.  Isn’t it strange how it doesn’t really affect you if you are distracted by something and are not “forced’ to delay breakfast. Then you are not aware that you are hungry. 

I noticed that when I am busy with and interested in what I am doing, I don’t feel hungry until meal-time and even then I am surprised at the time when I realize that it is meal-time.  However, if I am doing something that is rather dull I am hungry and need a snack.  Yes, I have discovered that I am a boredom eater.  When I am bored, my mind wants extra stimulation and that stimulation seems to be food.  Couldn’t it have been an overwhelming desire to exercise?  

I figured out that I was a boredom eater a few years ago and developed some strategies to try to avoid snacking.  One is to get up, walk around, go talk to people – only for a few minutes. This is a good one to use at work. If you are working from home, then get up and go outside for a few minutes. Check out the yard or the neighbourhood. Even if it is a 5 minute walk, it helps.  Bottom-line, if you are a boredom eater, the first step is to recognize that this is what you are doing and second, most important of all, find ways that will distract you so that you don’t reach for the fridge or cupboard.

Well, it is time for me to get going to the lab and to soon have breakfast!

Cheers and have a good day.



Stretched Thin

Have you ever noticed that life goes in cycles?  There are times when you are so busy you can’t find time to think, times when the pace is just right and life is going well and times when the pace is so slow you could simply expire of boredom.

I am currently in the so busy I can barely think cycle.  I just started a new full-time job which – well, let’s face it – takes up my entire day. I am also taking classes to complete a degree and that takes up – well, it takes up my Saturdays for the next several weeks. It also takes up a good portion of my evenings with readings and assignments. This doesn’t leave much time for anything else – including the work I do for Eating Evolution.

Now, I’m not trying to get any sympathy for what I have gotten myself into. These are choices that I made and was well aware that I would be busy. But I am leading to something.

When you are in the “so busy cycle”, you tend to overlook the most important things in your life, your diet (what you eat) and your body (lack of exercise).  These are precisely the two things that shouldn’t be put on the back burner when things get busy. There are a few adjustments that need to be made when the busy cycles are on. First is a mental adjustment. You need to realize that taking time for yourself is the single most important thing you can do. How much time? It takes as little as 20 minutes per day.

The 20 minutes can be exercise. It is amazing what a 20 minute walk will do to revive and re-energize you. It can also be a relaxing shower or bath. It can be taking the time to read something that you want to read – not something that you have to read. Make it 20 minutes of “you time”.

Busy times are typically when you stop eating proper meals and go for the ready-to-eat. Depending on your habits you can go one of several ways to ensure that you eat well during the busy times. The first is to plan meals for the week. This typically takes about 30 minutes at the start of the week to figure out what you will eat during the week. Then you know what you need from the grocery store. I find menu plans a great way to keep me on track to eat properly when things are really busy.

If you tend to shop as you go, while you are eating your breakfast or having your shower, decide what it is that you will pick up from the store on the way home. The produce section now provides pre-cut vegetables or pre-mixed greens for salads. This is the best place to start. Match the vegetables and salad with boned chicken breast and you can have a healthy dinner in under 20 minutes.

Well, my 20 minutes are up. I enjoyed sharing this time with you and I am now off to work and the rest of my busy cycle.