Not always successful

I made a recipe last night that I wanted to include on

I’d love to say that I am always successful in every recipe that I create. However, yesterday I made a dish of spaghetti squash with a mushroom sauce.

 I didn’t realize how truly powerful my new microwave oven is and totally overcooked my squash.  When it came to the sauce, the individual ingredients should have made for something tasty. The reality was a grey, bland concoction that God bless ’em, my daughter and husband ate anyway.  It’s definitely back to the drawing board for this one.


Book with Publisher / New Recipe to Try

Well, it has taken a while and a lot of hard work but the end was worth it. I have now sent my e-cookbook – 7 Dinners for Busy Moms and Dads – to the publisher.  I hope to have it available to the public sometime next week.  Hurray!

Now that this is out of the way, I can focus more time and energy to uploading many new recipes. I cooked up Shells with Salmon last night and will upload the recipe today.